<@U016EM8L91B> once i have a skywater-pdk dir with...
# sky130
@User once i have a skywater-pdk dir with all the submodules (primitives, stdcell libraries) all initialized as explained in open_pdks install page what are the git commands to update my copy in case some updates were made upstream? If i do a git pull / git submodule update nothing happens (may be because there are no updates) , however if i do a git status i see
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modified:   libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hs/latest (modified content)
	modified:   libraries/sky130_fd_sc_ms/latest (modified content)
changes that i never made, may be they were made during the make timing or open_pdk builds?
@User: yes, they are made by open_pdks, they fix the .magic.lef files for hs and ms diodes (but this fix is only applied once so no worries about that)
“git submodule update —remote” Could you try this command?
@Mustafa Tosun yes i did that, it did nothing else after doing the 'git submodule update'