<@U016H5X1K62>: November 30 is the official date....
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@User: November 30 is the official date. It must be postmarked by that date, but the postmark does not have to be legible.
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@Anish: The second sentence there is only meaningful if you're following elections in the U.S. . .
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The actual point of that, though, is that it's best that you have something submitted on the 30th, but there will be so much subsequent back-and-forth between efabless and SkyWater that if you make changes and update the GDS in your repository after the deadline, those changes will make it on the shuttle. This is pretty much standard practice with all tapeouts. However, I cannot say just how late corrections might be and still make it onto the shuttle.
I was curious about that, in my experience there has always been a lot of back and forth after the actual submission with DRC waivers and minor alterations etc. It seems like it will be quite a lot of work to do that for all the submissions
can we pin this post or whatever the equivalent in slack is? Put in the channel topic?