<@U016EM8L91B> when doing 'make' in open_pdks/sky1...
# sky130
@User when doing 'make' in open_pdks/sky130, following the "Install" instructions in opencircuitdesign.com/open_pdks, i get this error:
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Getting GDS file list from /home/schippes/open_pdks/sky130/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_osu_sc_t18/gds.
Creating magic generation script to generate magic database files.
No source for abstract views:  Abstract views not made.
Running magic to create magic database files.

Magic 8.3 revision 74 - Compiled on Fri 30 Oct 2020 10:48:56 AM CET.
Starting magic under Tcl interpreter
Using the terminal as the console.
Using NULL graphics device.
Processing system .magicrc file
Sourcing design .magicrc for technology sky130A ...
2 Magic internal units = 1 Lambda
Input style sky130: scaleFactor=2, multiplier=2
Scaled tech values by 2 / 1 to match internal grid scaling
Loading sky130A Device Generator Menu ...
Using technology "sky130A", version 20200927
Writing '(UNNAMED)'
Must specify name for cell (UNNAMED).
Error message output from magic:
Annotating port orders from /home/schippes/open_pdks/sky130/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_osu_sc_t18/cdl/sources.txt
Can't write file named '(UNNAMED)'
Is this something serious? my guess is that it is trying to build something related to 'osu' libs that are not in the skywater-pdk/libraries...
@Stefan Schippers, yeah exactly, it's just that you're not building the osu library (because it's not there yet). So, you can consider this some sort of a warning (probably we should wrap it around some script to avoid these false errors). Probably, you'll need to apply this PR if you're building the latest open_pdks to avoid an error that will come up later in the build.