Part of my work with adding FuseSoC support for Op...
# sky130
Part of my work with adding FuseSoC support for OpenLANE will be to create core description files for several common components such as caravel and the PDK. For this I need to give them names and preferably proper VLNV identifiers. @User, @User, what should I use for the PDK in particular? Would e.g.
be an acceptable VLN triplet? I feel I don't have enough understanding of the structure yet. For now I will propbably just go for
to have something to start with
I'm not that familiar with how the VLNV identifiers are used, but your suggestion sounds right if you're looking for an identifier per library. There are probably many ways to slice this cake.
My only other suggestions would be
to keep the name of the library as it is in the files, or
which is redundant but serves the same purpose. Is there any purpose in putting the
in the name?
I think those are both better proposals than my original one. We can do without the
part. Some use it but not others. Just checked that e.g. all LowRISC cores use
rather than
as vendor and the OpenPiton project uses