Are there any good resources for xschem, ngspice f...
# sky130
Are there any good resources for xschem, ngspice for sky130. I want to simulate sky130 inverter circuit first and then build upon that to make more complex circuit.
you can see for inverter simulation
I've not done anything with xschem
ask in the analog-design channel
Thank you matt
@Omkar Bhilare - The below analog comparator online course is designed using xschem/magic It shows all installation steps/issues faced in detail on how to configure xschem/ngspice/magic/sky130 from scratch for analog comparator design. This is quick and will save lot of time on solving issues which we have already faced while configuring, so you can start with your designs directly OR If you want to explore on your own (a bit time-consuming, but effective), you can start with below github repo for comparator and look for "comparator.sch" file in PreLayout folder: