I have a design that is failing LVS. I've hand che...
# sky130
I have a design that is failing LVS. I've hand checked the netlists and confident they should not be failing. I've narrowed down to what I think is a problem with the diodes. This simple case fails LVS against itself:
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.subckt bad a
// this line fails
D2 net1 a sky130_fd_pr__diode_pw2nd_05v5
// this line would pass
//D2 net1 a
How are you running the lvs?
netgen -batch lvs "bad1.spice bad" "bad2.spice bad" /usr/share/pdk/sky130A/libs.tech/netgen/sky130A_setup.tcl comp.out
which is the command that the analog example project uses (and same way I run it on another design)
@Mariano Alvira: This example works for me. What version of netgen are you using? Also what version of open_pdks?
Netgen 1.5.176 compiled on Sun May 16 201922 MDT 2021
open_pdks: 5a623ff (HEAD -> master, tag: 1.0.153,
Try 1.5.186 (
commit d53541d1d3423f4b86754a09bd090b7abe1469a2
A few fixes were made recently involving pin matching.
ok thanks -- I'll give that a shot in a bit. I've designed out the diodes and hope to have this submitted to the run today (last real chance before the 18th)