This is probably a long shot, but was anyone here ...
# sky130
This is probably a long shot, but was anyone here involved in the calibration of openRCX with the skywater PDK? I've been trying to follow the flow described here ( to generate the openRCX extraction rules, but OpenROAD is segfaulting on the bench_read_spef command. Are there any part of the SPEF standard that aren't supported by openRCX that might be causing the issue, or any other things I could do make this work?
Trying the RCX flow even on skywater doesn't seem to work. Using the openRCX rules file provided by skywater errors in a different way; trying to get the parasitics for a design using the command:
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extract_parasitics -ext_model_file patterns.rules -cc_model 12 -max_res 0 -context_depth 10 -coupling_threshold 0.1x
results in
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[ERROR RCX-0487] No RC model read from the extraction model! Ensure the right extRules file is used!
That command is just taken from the RCX demo scripts here. Am I using the rules file incorrectly or is the rules file not up to date with the rest of the PDK/latest openRCX/latest OpenROAD
@Alex Hodges Did you ever find a solution? I'm running into the same issue.