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Matt Venn

03/25/2022, 2:59 PM
Thanks @User for the interview! Dinesh has 20 years of experience in the industry and has taped out on MPW2,3,4 & 5. His project - Riscduino aims to make a pin compatible Arduino with RISCV core. He's looking for collaborators to help with verification, analogue and embedded - please DM him if you're interested to get involved! We spoke about his experience, the different versions of Riscduino, documentation, verification, timing and his thoughts on how we can improve OpenLane. Check the vid here:

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Dinesh A

03/29/2022, 4:36 AM
Thanks @User for your interest/effort in the interview. I am looking for community help in
Analog Implementation - 6 Channel SAR ADC
Improving the verification setup
Arduino Driver development and integration
RISC Unix porting
Any interesting add-on Digital/Analog IP
please DM me in slack, if you're interested to get involved!
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