Are there detailed instructions for running the pr...
# efabless
Are there detailed instructions for running the precheck for an MPW-5 project? I can click the "MPW Precheck" button, but I don't know how to view the errors. All I get is the message banner
"Some of the information you entered was either missing or invalid. Please click 'Submit MPW Precheck' to see validation errors."
Galaxy does open for me, but I am not really sure what I am supposed to do with it.
Attach the logs, so experts can address it.
@User the problem is I don't know where to find any logs. (Just to clarify, I am trying to run precheck on the efabless website.)
@User plz have a look into it
@User have you checked precheck tool where you installed?
@User please see this article. There is also a tool on the desktop called
@User Thanks for the link! My first issue was that I had a space in the job name (there was a warning message for this, but it only appeared the second time I entered a name.) With that fixed, the job started! It fails, and the only error message that appears is "Failed to clone repo <my-repo-link>" My repo link works when I clone it elsewhere. However, I noticed the galaxy desktop does not appear to have an internet connection. Maybe that is expected.
network connections are restricted on the desktop. can you share your repo link? is it public? does it have submodules?
@User have you had the chance to look into this yet?
Oh I think I have just fixed the issue. My project workspace was named
. I deleted it and created a new workspace named
. I went though the whole process again and this time is succeeded!