I see three inductors (coil1, coil2 and coil3) pro...
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I see three inductors (coil1, coil2 and coil3) provided in sky130_fd_pr cells. However, I am not able to find its spice models or inductance values.
The coil layouts were for a different variant of the process, so even if there were models I would not trust them. It would be nice if someone would run, say, FastHenry on them to get an estimate, and then stick one on a chip and measure it. One of the MPW-one runs had some inductor devices on it; I don't think they come from the "coil" layouts, but regardless, once they are manufactured and tested, then I'll have some verified inductors to put in the PDK.
Thanks for the information. I may try to add some coil layouts once I go through FastHenry usage.