I'm probably missing something obvious, but I inst...
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I'm probably missing something obvious, but I installed open_pdks and I don't see any explanation of how to tell the tools about it? Looking to get started with klayout or magic. Trying to source the magicrc give file not found errors, I assume it needs som env variable. In klayout I cna open the lyp and lydrc file, but no clue about lyt. Does klayout have pcells? Else probably easier to start with magic to get familiar with the cells.
I am not familiar with how to run klayout---I've never been able to get it to compile on my systems. We have it installed on the efabless platform now, so I will be spending more time learning how to drive it. In the meantime, to start magic, either copy the file
from the installed PDK to your local directory where you are running magic and rename it to
, or else run magic with the option
-rcfile <path_to>/sky130A.magicrc
. My intent this summer is to work with an intern to create a "project manager" type application that will do these kind of setups automatically, so that you don't have to remember what files need to be copied from where every time, since similar copies are needed for netgen, xschem, etc.
I was doing that from the staging area and got errors, but after installing it seems to work
It was supposed to work exactly the same from the staging area, though. . .
Error parsing user "code/open_pdks/sky130/magic/sky130.magicrc": couldn't read file "STAGING_PATH/TECHNAME/MAGIC_CURRENT/TECHNAME.tcl": no such file or directory
That's not the staging area; that's the source. After you do
but before you run
make install
, you can use the file in
oh ok