Is anyone making/characterizing inductors on sky13...
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Is anyone making/characterizing inductors on sky130?
Yes, there is one design on MPW-one with five or six inductors on it; it was a special design that deleted the right side of the padframe and replaced it with pads only so that they can be connected straight into an S-parameter tester.
@Matthew Guthaus That's the design that we taped out.
@Matthew Guthaus and @Tim Edwards Do you guys have access to a network analyzer for S-parameter measurements?
I don't, no.
I don't, either.
I have placed a coil in my current mpw2 submission. I tried to simulate it with fasthenry. The fasthenry extract from Magic is 1.4 GB. It ran for 6 hours when I cancelled it. I will rerun the simulation again in a few days again after double-checking things.
I have access @Amro Tork ... Previously I characterized inductors with de-embedded structures as part of research project before used them in MPW tape-out... If it is possible, send me parts and I can try to measure here...
@britovski That would be great.
The main problem that I’m facing is the probing station.
We need a probing station that could handle the pad sizes we have. Currently I don’t have access to such probing station.
Thanks @Matthew Guthaus and @Tim Edwards
@Amro Tork @Andrew Zonenberg has offered in the past to do measurements on test chips. Maybe you can contact him to see if he can be of any help.