Hi everyone, Sorry to bother again, but did anyone...
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Hi everyone, Sorry to bother again, but did anyone has ever experience issues on cmimcap and uhrpoly resistors on the LVS ? The cmimcap are not recognize by the LVS even if I use the auto-generated one instead of the hand-made one. And the model of the uhrpoly on the schematic is given the error attached which don’t allow me to launch my LVS run. I’m using the s8 pdk if it can help to identify the error and how to correct it. Thanks for any help you can offer ! Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 8.42.50 AM
@Lea Enginger Me
s8 is not a supported process. If you are working under NDA with SkyWater, then you need the s130 PDK.
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I think there are 2 MIM capacitors in magic.
1 of them recognized by magic LVS and the other is not.
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@Tim Edwards Is one of them not supported in this tech stack?
@Lea Enginger The tool above looks like a commercial tool. I think that shouldn't be here.