I'm currently working with a couple of interns at ...
# analog-design
I'm currently working with a couple of interns at my end to build an analog environment on docker that would be similar to openlane philosophy allowing designers to do something like: make <design_name>_xschem and opens xschem for them. All tools in that environment would be appropriately linked and correctly versioned. make <design_name>_klayout. Opens klayout for editing the GDS and may be loading LVS based netlist. make <design_name>_drc run magic DRC on it. So on, so forth. I'm looking for ideas and contribution. https://github.com/mabrains/OpenAnalogDesign Here is the link. It's at a very early stage. @User Is our new intern who is actively working on this. I'm hoping to get feedback and ideas. My end goal is to allow such environment to be consistent for tape-outs. And cross-platform as well.
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Hey @Amro Tork and @Farag this looks very interesting. I've tried it and it looks very promising although I found a few small problems. I've raised issues on the GitHub page for them
@yrrapt thanks for testing this out. I had a discussion with @mkk It seems that efabless have something that is similar and a little bit more advanced than ours. I was to discussing if efabless could Open source theirs as well. And we will contribute to efabless version instead of ours. Discussions still under going. It think main next steps is to integrate klayout Pcells into Open_pdk installation into efabless image. Our klayout pcells is good but I would say it’s 60% tested. We have used it for 2 tapeouts so far specially the inductors PCells. I’m looking for contributors to help us in the continuation and the qualification of the PCells for klayout. I’ll take a closer look at the issues you opened.