When I run prechecks, I get a consistency check fa...
# analog-design
When I run prechecks, I get a consistency check failure. I think this is happening since I made a change that shorted a couple of the output pins (ie output the same signal on two pins). I suspect this means the extracted netlist has one port fewer than expected. Is there a way I can get around this or do I just have to not do that?
okay I put in a small square of rmetal jumper, that added in a resistor and seperated the two nodes
well this is annoying, the resistor solved one problem with the two nodes being connected together but now I've got
Instance sky130_fd_pr__res_generic_m2 isn't connected to any of the nets: ['vccd1', 'vccd2', 'vdda1', 'vdda2', 'vssa1', 'vssa2', 'vssd1', 'vssd2'] .
POWER CONNECTIONS CHECK FAILED: Not all instances in user_analog_project_wrapper are connected to power
Clearly a series resistor doesn't need to connect to power so... what gives