Hi! I'm facing issues while setting up configurati...
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Hi! I'm facing issues while setting up configuration and tech files
Hello, it seems you need to install `python3-distutils`; it should be available through your package manager. What linux system are you on?
xubuntu 18.04 bionic
@Ahmed Ghazy..make install-local ran successfully post above package installation.. however getting this error while running ./flow.tcl -design spm
I just checked and I have that missing file
so I think you have messed up the open_pdks install like I also did
@Nickson Jose: My guess is that you haven't checked out the exact version of open_pdks mentioned in the instructions (
git checkout c2fec9fe64146000236dd807165b80b6a8b82b89
). Could you confirm that?
Hi @Ahmed Ghazy...I started rebuilding everything from scratch..below is the snap u asked for
@Ahmed Ghazy @Matt Venn..it's working now... seems somehow the python tool had corrupted in my vm..its working post rebuilding. Thanks a lot!!
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I faced with the same when running "./flow.tcl -design spm" and it might be due to lack of io-related LEF file, sky130_fd_io.lef that hasn't released yet. So, I commented this definition out in /openLANE_flow/pdks/sky130A/libs.tech/openlane/config.tcl, and then the flow worked, resulting in the final gds.
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When I also setup open-pdk from scratch and redo flow.tcl, the spm flow works corectly now. In this time, I didn't need magic.tcl modification above... I don't know what was wrong.
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