I’m getting a `tritonRoute` error immediately afte...
# openlane
I’m getting a
error immediately after
start track assignment
but there isn’t much extra context from the logs. I’ll link in a reply the
used in my project repo for reference incase there are any obvious errors. Have others seen this on openlane
? https://gist.github.com/dan-rodrigues/ea8cc9395707267a527332918a6dedc6
config.tcl I'm using: https://github.com/dan-rodrigues/caravel/blob/vdp-lite/openlane/vdp_lite_user_proj/config.tcl Any obvious issues to call out? I've only recently starting trying to replace user_proj_example with my own work
yeah it does that 🤷‍♂️
I've had several crash that appear / disappear depending on the placement result.
right that's interesting..wonder if it's invalid placement further up the flow that could cause it
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Warning: Overlap check failed (115).
This warning (but not a hard error) looks concering but don't know if it should be..
that happens quite a bit before the error I get
ATM I have yet to get a successful run on a non-example design.
For the more complex designs you've tried, if you get past that triton crash, does it just crash on something else? Or you run into that SRAM placement issue in your screenshots?
I got everything from placement fail, outright crash/segfault, fatal errors, final drc errors, ....