Hi my caravel repo for "Subservient" design : <htt...
# openlane
Hi my caravel repo for "Subservient" design : https://github.com/MSPDUTTA/Subservient_SOC , If I run the same design (all identical configurations) with openlane "commit a95f56dac367c05bc48b4a001c419b58ec9648a4" , design ends successfully with no fatal errors and generate all reports properly. But, with the latest openlane version , my simulation goes through all steps fine and then hangs at step index 42 as below:


@Priyanka Dutta You can disable the klayout drc check by setting
to 0. Openlane by default runs magic DRC so that should be sufficient.
Hi @Manar Abdelatty, from the description it seems like by default is 0 `KLAYOUT_DRC_KLAYOUT_GDS`Enables running Klayout DRC on GDS-II produced by Klayout. 1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled (Default: 
), also I have added to the config.tcl specifically to make it 0. Besides I have merged my forked repo with the latest caravel/main stream. Stil I see the same issue of hanging at the same point
@Priyanka Dutta Do you
set to 1 ?
No I didn't specifically set this parameter in my config. But if I grep whole repo, I see it is getting set to 1, in run directory config file
Just to confirm, you have
set ::env(RUN_KLAYOUT_DRC) "0"
in the
No I haven't , but it seems like in the runs directory subservient/config.tcl , which is automatically created is setting set ::env(RUN_KLAYOUT_DRC) 1 for me
subservient/runs/ - the config file under this directory has been created automatically by tool ?
Yes, it dumps all the environment variables after sourcing your config.tcl and the default configurations in this file. Do you have it set to 0 in this file https://github.com/efabless/openlane/blob/a95f56dac367c05bc48b4a001c419b58ec9648a4/configuration/general.tcl#L45 ?
No , I didn't set this varibale to 0 , I have set set ::env(KLAYOUT_DRC_KLAYOUT_GDS) 0 in https://github.com/MSPDUTTA/Subservient_SOC/blob/main/openlane/subservient/config.tcl
so , everytime if i change environment variables in config.tcl, it will generate runs/subservient/config.tcl again right ? or I should try cleaning the old runs directory and launch a new run?
It is automatically generated by the tool.
After I set ::env(RUN_KLAYOUT_DRC) 0 , in openlane/subservient/config.tcl , now it is finishing fine .