Moved to a new machine and am trying to update ope...
# openlane
Moved to a new machine and am trying to update openlane docker to the latest versions of netgen and magic. In the past, I updated the
to the commit that I wanted and ran
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make build-magic
make merge
However, it doesn't seem to have an effect now. It says it's updating from the specified commit, but then uses the old one. Here's the Dockerfile commits.
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# 8.3.183
#ARG MAGIC_COMMIT=958d6f16701c1ee25e27440381b5c2c37b5fee7c
# 8.3.203
ARG MAGIC_COMMIT=0ebdf3e513030119bc6f1973aae3b23556233e8d
Here's the log (it seems to say that it wants to checkout
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Step 9/17 : ARG MAGIC_COMMIT=0ebdf3e513030119bc6f1973aae3b23556233e8d
 ---> Using cache
 ---> c149387ca9d7
Step 10/17 : RUN git clone ${MAGIC_REPO} magic_21083013
 ---> Running in 6e01b4b63b9c
Cloning into 'magic_21083013'...
Removing intermediate container 6e01b4b63b9c
 ---> 27e888109946
Step 11/17 : WORKDIR magic_21083013
 ---> Running in 72dd67881957
Removing intermediate container 72dd67881957
 ---> 5e9be585c251
Step 12/17 : RUN git checkout ${MAGIC_COMMIT}
 ---> Running in c0137702ecce
Note: checking out '958d6f16701c1ee25e27440381b5c2c37b5fee7c'.
See how it checked out the wrong commit? And finally,
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Build Timestamp: 2021-08-30_03-32-54
@User Any idea where the old commit is coming from? I did find the old commit in
. Does this file now override the individual Dockerfiles?
@Mitch Bailey Yes, you will need to update the commit in the yaml file itself
Thanks! Does that mean that the Dockerfile commits are no longer used?
@Mitch Bailey Yes, the yaml file overrides the docker file commits