hey there, started using openlane again after som...
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hey there, started using openlane again after some time. I checked out master, now getting following, any idea on what needs to get updated?
Environment does not support yaml manifest comparison
Right now it seems stuck at below, not sure if related:
[INFO]: Extracting the number of available metal layers from /Users/ronaldv/Projects/PDKs/share/pdk//sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/techlef/sky130_fd_sc_hd.tlef
following seems to work fine:
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/Users/ronaldv/Projects/repositories/openlane/scripts/extract_metal_layers.py -t /Users/ronaldv/Projects/PDKs/share/pdk//sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/techlef/sky130_fd_sc_hd.tlef -o /Users/ronaldv/Projects/repositories/openlane/designs/spm/runs/31-08_18-38/tmp/met_layers_list.txt
['li1 ', 'met1 ', 'met2 ', 'met3 ', 'met4 ', 'met5 ']
@20Mhz There was a recent requirement change to openlane.
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At a minimum:

Docker 19.03.12+
GNU Make
Python 3.6+ with PIP
Click, Pyyaml: pip3 install pyyaml click
Make sure you have pyyaml installed before installing openlane.
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cool, I´m on python 3.9.4, just installed pyyaml 5.4.1 and now I´m getting another interesting message, it seem one installation step may be missing, I installed throguh open_pdks:
[INFO]: Git Version: 2021.08.23_04.04.57-3-g7fceccf
[WARNING]: Failed to compare PDKS
Could not find SOURCES file for sky130A.
[WARNING]: OpenLane may not function properly.
indeed there is no SOURCES file in my sky130A folder, only libs.ref and libs.tech, I wonder if I missed an option…
@20Mhz The way I install the pdks is to run
make pdk
in the openlane directory. My SOURCES file contains
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-ne openlane 
-ne skywater-pdk 
-ne open_pdks 
Thanks, I have the specific checkins now, got rid of all messages, some how is still stuck at:
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[INFO]: Extracting the number of available metal layers from /Users/ronaldv/Projects/PDKs/share/pdk/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/techlef/sky130_fd_sc_hd.tlef
openroad -python /Users/ronaldv/Projects/repositories/openlane/scripts/extract_metal_layers.py -t /Users/ronaldv/Projects/PDKs/share/pdk/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/techlef/sky130_fd_sc_hd.tlef -o /Users/ronaldv/Projects/repositories/openlane/designs/spm/runs/01-09_09-25/tmp/met_layers_list.txt
Interestingly, calling the script stand alone produced the expected results
I believe this is some incompatibility with my open road version, will check that
OpenROAD 0.9.0 847f728995