Any tips on setting these macro names in the FP_PD...
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Any tips on setting these macro names in the FP_PDN_MACRO_HOOKS env variable.
Specifies explicit power connections of internal macros to the top level power grid. Comma separated list of macro instance names and power domain vdd and ground net names:
<instance_name> <vdd_net> <gnd_net>
(Default: macros are connected to the first power domain)
I think if you named the pins vccd1 and vssd1 in the macros you don't need add the FP_PDN_MACRO_HOOKS
Thanks yes I didn't need to be specify as I used the vccd1 vssd1. It seems quite messy to use generated blocks and pass [ into this string. possibly there was some escape sequence that I missed. Thankfully one for another day.
@User I think there was a similar problem with a design that had a clock net that was a bus. The solution there was to use
instead of
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