Ivan Rodriguez

12/29/2021, 5:13 PM
Hi, I'm trying to do the hardening of the wrapper, but when I launch the "make user_project_wrapper" have an error asking for a file in "caravel/openlane/user_project_wrapper_empty" but that file does not exist, I try to use caravel-lite and caravel, but same result.

Matt Venn

12/29/2021, 10:19 PM
Sounds like this bug
See here for what I'm using
Which is currently working for tapeout

Ivan Rodriguez

12/29/2021, 10:33 PM
I just change the tag for the openlane to 2021.12.28_01.47.52 and seems the issue is fix now. Also other issue that was that the output was not copy to the appropriate folders. So for now I will continue with that. If I get stuck again I will fall back to your solution.