<@U016EM8L91B> <@U017X0NM2E7> Excuse me, I was try...
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@Tim Edwards @Mitch Bailey Excuse me, I was trying to pass LVS of one of a standard cells such as simple
on my machine. However, I found this mismatch report. can you suggest me to fix it, please? By the way, i used
netgen -batch lvs "inv_2_scm.spice inv_2_scm" "inv_2_sc.spice inv_2_sc" /home/ahmedreda/PDK/sky130A/libs.tech/netgen/sky130A_setup.tcl
@Ahmed Reda you need to include the standard cell spice.
You probably don’t have well/substrate contacts in the layout either.
@Mitch Bailey which and where file should i update it, please!
I suppose this error need to adding standard cell spice right!
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@Mitch Bailey so which file should i change to fix it?
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netgen -batch
read spice $::env(PDK_ROOT)/$::env($PDK)/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/spice/sky130_fd_sc_hd.spice 1
lvs "inv_2_scm.spice inv_2_scm" "inv_2_sc.spice inv_2_sc" $::env(PDK_ROOT)/$::env($PDK)/libs.tech/netgen/$::env($PDK)_setup.tcl
That’s just a quick guess. I haven’t tested. You’ll still get the substrate/well mismatches.
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I see and It is easy to fix substrate/well mismatches. I will try your batch.