`why simulation is not running`
# sky130
why simulation is not running
Go into the simulation directory
and run ngspice manually:
ngspice -i circuit_name.spice -a
Does this work? in xschem click
Simulation->Configure simulators and tools
, then check the first 'Ngspice' command, enable also the
checkbutton so xschem displays a status dialog box at simulation completion. Usualy the command line is the following:
$terminal -e 'ngspice -i "$N" -a || sh'
where $terminal is xterm by default,
is the complete path of the xschem generated netlist (
is the ngspice autorun command,
|| sh
tells to run a shell if the simulatiopn fails so you have time to read error messages before the xterm is closed. You can simplify the command as follows:
xterm -e 'ngspice -i "$N"'
if ngspice is not in the PATH environment variable list of directories you can set the full ngspice executable path:
xterm -e '/full/path/of/ngspice -i "$N"'