Hi everyone Greetings from my side. I recently ins...
# sky130
Hi everyone Greetings from my side. I recently installed xschem , sky 130 nm and ngspice. I tried to run simple test simulation. when i try to run netlist , and try to open edit netlist, nothing happens. But in the directory
, I find the netlist. Also the terminal window after execution of simulation button also not opens up . Any idea on why this happens?
Xschem uses a terminal emulator program to run shell commands (like the simulator) and an editor program to show files. The defauls are
respectively. I suggest to install the xterm terminal emulator, it is a small package. (
sudo apt install xterm
) the xschemrc fle can set alternate terminal emulator programs by setting the terminal tcl variable:
set terminal xterm
In a similar way you can set custom text editor programs by asigning the editor variable:
set editor {gvim -f -geometry 90x28}
If you want to use the default terminal and editor (xterm and gvim respectively) install also gvim (
sudo apt install vim-gtk3
or similar package for your linux installation).