09/02/2020, 3:04 PM
A well-planned VSD internship program and 5th mile-stone in field of open-source - another compact SRAM and its related custom cells built using Magic/ngSpice. This time its @User did a pretty great job of building a pretty compact 6T-SRAM cell and he is just a third year engineering student. Again, we have a final task to collate all inputs and feed to openRAM compiler to make sure we can generate 4kB of single-port SRAM. We will reach there soon. Once we reach there, we are convinced that we can generate various sizes of memories for internal projects using end-to-end open-source flow for memories. Look at @User GitHub link which explains a gem of work he has done. And let me re-iterate, GitHub is the new resume for VLSI industry. We believe in a candidate once we look at his/her GitHub project repository The next part of research will be to port this entire project on google+sky130nm open-process, and make it work with openRAM memory compiler. Trust me, we will reach there very soon
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