6th mile-stone in field of open-source (efabless o...
# sky130
6th mile-stone in field of open-source (efabless open-lane EDA + Google/Sky130 open-process) - This time for *VLSI fresher*s aiming to become VLSI & SoC designers A full-fledged video lectures on step-by-step process to install OpenLANE EDA tool chain and Sky130 PDK open-process on your own laptop, from scratch. There is a dependency on vsdflow though for fresh users and with Windows or fresh Unix machine. To do something like this, it needs a clear focus on end vision (can't share much details now), with very good VLSI fundamentals, which demands hours of efforts every day. Let's again take a back-seat and congratulate @User for this amazing online course. As mentioned sometime back, @User had joined our VSD Research IP design Internship group 8-weeks back along with 20 other participants. The day @User joined, he put everyday close to 12-14hours on given tasks and his results speaks for him Here's the link to the full video course (vsdflow is available separately, google search please :)): Watch it to observe all minute details being captured. Re-iterating - this is only for freshers, as VSD goal is to make sure every engineer on this planet, wanting to learn VLSI and SoC design, should not be deprived of right resources and intuitive learning methods https://www.udemy.com/course/vsd-a-complete-guide-to-install-openlane-and-sky130nm-pdk/ Also wait for next announcements - time for analog
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