# openlane

Wajeh ul hasan

05/31/2021, 4:37 PM
Hello, I have 2 questions 1. Is it possible during synthesis to get a netlist which is not flattened, a flag or command? 2. What does number of pins mean in the following error?
[ERROR PPL-0024] Number of pins (2433) exceed max possible (1847)
Error: or_ioplacer.tcl, 50 PPL-0024
[ERROR]: during executing: "openroad -exit /openLANE_flow/scripts/openroad/or_ioplacer.tcl |& tee >&@stdout /openLANE_flow/designs/SWERV/runs/Genus/logs/floorplan/2-ioPlacer.log"
[ERROR]: Exit code: 1