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06/07/2022, 3:53 PM
Popular open-source projects for VSD-HDP Though VSD has floated close to 50+ projects for the upcoming HDP, the one shown in the below image tops the list in terms of clarity, innovation, jobs and to-the-point learning. Selecting a project from the VSD-HDP list can be tough for freshers (and sometimes even for professionals), so we have come up with a popular opensource projects list, which has helped others in the last 4-years to clarify how exactly the industry executes projects, through hand-curated lab training materials For the Analog domain, 10-bit DAC and VCO using SKY130 were quite popular for participants to either land analog jobs or pursue MS/PhDs or solve existing problem statements within their projects Physical Design and STA were very popular within the student community due to a huge number of openings in PD and STA across industries, especially in India. Apart from that, these projects make you design IPs from scratch and then do PD/STA RISC-V and Verification are always popular and demanding due to the need for open-source hardware and an open-source framework for verification Synthesis is an interesting one which includes a bit of scripting to map constraints with existing features of an open-source synthesis engine. This project demands detailed synthesis knowledge and finally makes you an expert towards the end of the project These are popular as far as our experience in the last 4-years. So you can enrol using the link below and let us know which domain you would want to pursue your HDP. Our mentors shall guide you in the right direction. The last date to enrol is 18th June 2022 All the best and happy learning -- Thanks & Regards Kunal P Ghosh "_*A pessimist always sees difficulty in every opportunity, An optimist always sees opportunity in every difficulty*_"