VSD-HDP preparation in full-form It's so amazing t...
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VSD-HDP preparation in full-form It's so amazing to see how HDP participants have planned their 10-weeks already, even though HDP starts on the 18th of June. Participants' energy level for HDP post first stage is at the peak, as they know what are they going to build for the next 10-weeks. Clarity is power. The more participants know what EXACTLY they want to build, the more we brainstorm on how to get there Another area that participants explored in the first week is - this is not just training, but an industry project which is tracked just like in any design company. Training is a subset of the project, just like you have an induction program for freshers in the industry Registration closes in 7-days. Here's the link https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/hdp/ All the best and happy learning