06/05/2022, 6:27 AM
From 0 to 475 in 4 years Add the numbers in the above image and you will find out where 475 comes from :) VSD-HDP's Next cohort starts on June 18, 2022 Apart from placements and other benefits of VSD-HDP, one of our important measures of success is the number of open-source hardware projects delivered. Of all the amazing projects which are at the post-layout phase, the below list of 57 projects are the ones which are closest to real-world applications and are silicon ready. Here's the list As per our experience, we have noticed it's quite a challenge for you to choose the right project, you being fresher in this area. So once you enrol for HDP, just drop us an email about which area you would want to go for - Analog, mixed-signal, PD, STA, RISC-V, FPGA, EDA. We will allocate the right project and mentor to you So, do you want to learn how our industry operates from specifications to GDS? VSD-HDP is the way to go All the best and happy learning