"...Similarly, the GR 3-phase pre designs save pow...
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"...Similarly, the GR 3-phase pre designs save power on average by 19.9%, 25.0%, and 9.2% in RISCV, ..." http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15799coll89/id/335749/ Automatic conversion from flip-flop to 3-phase *latch-base*d designs I Designed a Groundbreaking VLSI Circuit By Dr. Huimei Cheng ... a PhD graduate starting a job as a CPU Implementation Engineer with Apple in California – never imagined I’d help design a novel circuit that may one day change the portable electronics and Internet-of-Things industries. https://minghsiehece.usc.edu/2020/08/i-designed-a-groundbreaking-vlsi-circuit-what-i-learned-at-usc-about-research-industry-and-life/ @User @User @User ✔️