Georgios T

09/17/2021, 2:55 AM
Has anyone experience errors during
detailed_placement -check
? Any suggestions on how to correct them? Some of the warning I am seeing are the following:
floorplan/5-ioPlacer.log:[WARNING PPL-0015] Macro macro_mem.genblk1\[0\].mem is not placed.
<repeats for different macros>

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0018] detailed placement failed on input1.

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0004] Placed in rows check failed (129).

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0005] Overlap check failed (106).

placement/13-opendp.log:[WARNING DPL-0006] Site aligned check failed (187).
Effort is for small design with 8 SRAMs