Hello again, I hope someone could help me, my ques...
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Hello again, I hope someone could help me, my question is How can I configure the GPIO ports as an output of the RISC-V, but at the same time the output of the microprocessor is connected to the input GPIO port of my user project? Something like this, from my SoC core to my project (red line). I try whith “reg_mprj_io_18 = GPIO_MODE_MGMT_STD_OUTPUT;” but I just had a value in the mprj_io (blue line) and not in my usr_project .
I'm not sure that's possible without external routing. IE drive some pins from riscv out of the chip, back into some other ios, and then to your design
you could instead use the logic analyser and keep all the signals inside
Maybe @Tim Edwards can confirm
Yes, it can be done. That exact setup was requested by somebody around MPW-one and so I promised that it would be possible for MPW-two. You need to set the channel to a bidirectional mode (so that both input and output buffers are enabled), and make it management-controlled. As long as the input buffer is enabled, the user project will be able to read back the value on the pad that the management processor is applying to it.
Now I finally understand what the bidirectional really means 🙂