Hi everyone, I'm installing GF180MCU-pdk using <op...
# gf180mcu
Hi everyone, I'm installing GF180MCU-pdk using open_pdks, however, I got this error when running "make" command. @Tim Edwards
./configure --enable-gf180mcu-pdk=/opt/pdk/gf180mcu-pdk --prefix=/opt/pdk/ \ --enable-irsim=no \ --enable-openlane=no \     --enable-xschem-sky130=no \     --enable-klayout-sky130=no \ --enable-qflow=no \ --enable-alpha-sky130=no \ --enable-io-gf180mcu \     --enable-primitive-gf180mcu \ --enable-sc-7t5v0-gf180mcu=no \ --enable-sc-9t5v0-gf180mcu=no \     --enable-osu-sc-gf180mcu=no \     --enable-sram-gf180mcu=no \     --enable-precheck-sky130=no here are the configurations I'm using
I’ve seen messages like this with out of date versions of magic. Is your magic up to date?
The list of recognized keywords includes "fringeshieldhalo", which is the most recent addition to the tech file syntax, so I'm pretty sure the version of magic is okay. @Tarek Nasser: It is being very specific about line 3011 in the gf180mcuB.tech file. Can you post the tech file or the section of it around line 3011?
@Tim Edwards Sure
What the heck?
How did that get in there? It's in the source in the open_pdks repository. I'll get it fixed right away. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Meanwhile you can just correct the source file in open_pdks under
line 4169. Obviously it's supposed to be
The fix has been pushed to open_pdks on opencircuitdesign.com. The fix will be on the github mirror by tomorrow.
Since it's breaking the gf180mcu install, I went ahead and forced the mirror update of https://github.com/RTimothyEdwards/open_pdks.
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So you can now also fix it with a
git pull
Thank you Mr. @Tim Edwards for your fast action. Hope it works this time.
Now, I got this @Tim Edwards
I think the cause of the problem is shown in the screenshot. Magic has some complaints about the pdk.
All of those are known messages produced during normal processing (mostly a failure to take the time to track down and deal with every non-fatal error condition, something that I really need to do). None of that should prevent the completion of building the PDK.