<@U016EM8L91B> you did a great job in the open_pdk...
# sky130
@User you did a great job in the open_pdks! i have installed the whole thing following instructions. All went well , excluding a couple of missing sc libs ( and this is documented) and that open_pdks make is trying to work on an osu library, clearly this fails because (as per instructions) this git submodule was not downloaded. (side note: your install page sometimes references option --with-local-path while the correct one is --with-sky130-local-path). My question: does the whole process (build skywater timing liberty files, build and install open_pdks) need to be re-run on any skywater update? it took a LOT of time (and disk space) to do the task.
@Stefan Schippers: That's one reason I like to keep open_pdks separate from the SkyWater repository, because I like to be able to condense that huge pile of data into the much smaller amount that I actually need to run the tools. Also, I want to keep open_pdks as an open framework that can be adapted to any PDK, open or not (I use it for doing the same kind of data manipulation on X-Fab files, and Global Foundries). Anyway, my expectation is that the Google/SkyWater repository will settle down relatively quickly, after which time rebuilding everything will only need to be done occasionally.