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@User: I'd be happy to help with the various "snags", if you can describe them. There are definitely issues with magic's R+C extraction that I intend to work on between shuttle runs. However, as far as I know, magic has a more complete parasitic extraction than any other open source tool. It's just that extracting the parasitic resistances is a bit of pain right now because the original implementation was based on getting input from a ".sim" file, which is a poor choice as the format doesn't contain some of the things that the extraction needs. I have written a few hacks to get around the worst of those problems, but the resulting file may require some "search and replace" to deal with substrate nodes. There may be other issues I don't know about.
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Thanks @Tim Edwards, I would greatly appreciate the help! I can send you a direct message with the details or perhaps move it to #magic if you'd prefer.
It's a general enough set of questions that #magic would be appropriate, I think.