Hi, Does anyone know where I can get details on ex...
# sky130
Hi, Does anyone know where I can get details on exactly which mask layers are required to draw the layout for each of the devices in sky130_fd_pr, or a cell layout library of primitives which I can use in magic. I've looked at https://skywater-pdk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/rules/device-details.html but can't get the detail I'm looking for. The best I've done so far is tried to reverse engineer some of the cells from the io library.
The default open_pdks configures magic to be able to generate a whole slew of devices. WHat devices in specific did you want to work with?
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nmos (MOSFET)
pmos (MOSFET)
MOS varactor
NPN 1.0 x 1.0
NPN 1.0 x 2.0
PNP 3.4 x 3.4
inductor 1
inductor 2
inductor 3
substrate contact (1.8V)
substrate contact (5.0V)
deep n-well region
n-diff resistor (1.8V) - 120 Ohm/sq
p-diff resistor (1.8V) - 197 Ohm/sq
n-diff resistor (5.0V) - 114 Ohm/sq
p-diff resistor (5.0V) - 191 Ohm/sq
poly resistor - 48.2 Ohm/sq
poly resistor - 319.8 Ohm/sq
poly resistor - 2000 Ohm/sq
p-well resistor - 3050 Ohm/sq
l1 metal resistor - 12.2 Ohm/sq
m1 metal resistor - 125 mOhm/sq
m2 metal resistor - 125 mOhm/sq
m3 metal resistor - 47 mOhm/sq
m4 metal resistor - 47 mOhm/sq
m5 metal resistor - 29 mOhm/sq
MiM cap - 1fF/um^2 (metal3)
MiM cap - 1fF/um^2 (metal4)
vpp 11.5x11.7 m1-m4, li/m5 shield
vpp 11.5x11.7 m1-m2
vpp 8.6x7.8 m1-m2 l1 shield
vpp 4.4x4.6 m1-m2 l1 shield
@diadatp I'm principally interested in the sky130_fd_pr devices for analog design. I can see the generated devices which I think you're referring to but it's mainly a bunch of examples. For now I'm mainly interested in both PMOS and NMOS 1V8 devices and the native NMOS devices. I'm going to need to choose W/L and NF for all of the devices I intend to use and it's not clear exactly which example corresponds to which device apart from a best guess made from the file name which isn't as concrete as I'd like. For instance "libs.ref/sky130_fd_io/mag/sky130_fd_pr__nfet_01v8__example_55959141808533.mag" is probably an example of a "sky130_fd_pr__nfet_01v8" but it could also be an LVT or a native.
@Tom This is the generator I was talking about along with the generated layout in magic.
Will you be using magic for layout?
Some people in #analog-design prefer to generate in magic and layout in KLayout.
Ah, I've not seen that generator. Where do I find that? I intend to use magic for both gen. and layout for now yes.
I got it from here: https://github.com/RTimothyEdwards/open_pdks You have to specify the correct rc file when running magic.
magic -d OGL -rcfile $PDK_ROOT/sky130A/libs.tech/magic/sky130A.magicrc