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@User: Yes, but see, now you can properly handle the "mu" in "microamps" and the "Omega" in "kiloohms". Sadly, SPICE goes the other direction and doesn't even recognize the difference between upper case and lower case. I thought, as a European, you'd at least be in favor of ISO encoding. . .
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This reminds of the fun of trying to stitch spice subckts into a verilog netlist only to find out that the verilog had pins whose names only differed in case which can't be represented in spice. We had to add a treat spice as case sensitive switch.
@Matt Liberty: I had to deal with that, too, when getting netgen to compare a SPICE netlist to a verilog netlist or any combination of the two. I have to choose either to treat SPICE as case-sensitive, or verilog as case-insensitive. Maybe it's time to try to force everyone to make SPICE case-sensitive. But then there's those horrid backslash-escaped verilog names. . . It boggles the mind that someone would think to make a space character an integral part of a netlist item name. . .