when i tried to include the sky130 tech file in ma...
# sky130
when i tried to include the sky130 tech file in magic I got most of the layers as locked,what can i do to unlock these layers
tech unlock *
yep got it
@Varun Majji: What tech file are you using? There are only a few locked layers. Also, I see that you are not using the .magicrc file, so you are not getting the complete PDK when you run magic.
Sorry, I can see from your last screenshot that the version is from open_pdks 1.0.85. But the most recent open_pdks version is 1.0.105 (rev 85 was only a month ago, but there has been a lot of development).
ok like i used unlock option and now i can use all layers
I guess it's fair to keep a "frozen" tech file in a project representing the state it was in when the project was built. However, in general, if you want to use the sky130 PDK, get it from open_pdks, which will install everything, including the device models you want.
I just don't recall having so many locked layers. But the layer list looks basically correct.
yeah when i was trying to do make after configuring
i am getting message no tech file
like configure was successful
sir i got it,i forgot to specify sky130nm file name