Hi! I have a few questions related to SRAM! First,...
# sky130
Hi! I have a few questions related to SRAM! First, how do I make use of Sky130 + OpenRAM integration? Second, where do I find the Sky130 bit cell? Third, are there any silicon validated SRAMs on Sky130?
We have a repo with some prelimary memories here: https://github.com/efabless/sky130_sram_macros We taped out 1 memory last year and it is "functional" but parametric testing is ongoing. We haven't released the build space yet as it is still finicky. We are LVSing single port memories right now but other stuff mostly works. But if you have particular configurations, I'm happy to add them to the IP repo.
The memory in that repo called sram_1rw1r_32_256_8_sky130 is what was taped out
Thank you Matthew!
@Matthew Guthaus in terms of particular configurations, we find sram1rw_64_512_8 (single port sram, 64 bits wide, 4KByte total size, byte enables) to be universally useful over practically all tapeouts on all nodes that we do, so that would be a great one to add.
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If it helps, this is often characterized as an RF by the various IP vendors. I am not sure what that means in terms of internal organization.