Hello, I was trying to harden the design using inn...
# sky130
Hello, I was trying to harden the design using innovus cadence with skywater PDK However when I read the lef file it errors out saying:
Loading LEF file /home/wajehulhasan/genus/vector_core/lef/sky130_fd_sc_hd.tlef ...
**ERROR: (IMPLF-121):	You need to have cut layer after layer 'pwell'.
Are the files only compatible with opensource tools? @User
I find nothing in the LEF/DEF specification that spells out this requirement. If there are LEF/DEF rules that are mandatory but not documented in the spec, then we are bound to break compatibility with commercial tools occasionally. It is therefore the responsibility of the users of commercial tools to tell us when something is broken by raising an issue tracker item in the skywater-pdk github repository so that we can correct it. Also you should raise an issue with Cadence informing them that this requirement is not documented.
I found that the issue was already raised by someone, it removed the error. https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk/issues/308 Anyways, thank you
We discussed this issue in the cadence-innovus channel also. https://skywater-pdk.slack.com/archives/C017AT8FGDD