Kind attention please, While attempting to install...
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Kind attention please, While attempting to install the openlane of the recommended tag 0.15 for the mpw2 shuttle, my ubuntu pc got hanged. Have anybody faced similar problem ? is there any fix for this? scenario : upto "make openlane" every thing was fine but when I am doing "make pdk" it was run smoothly and in the midway while converting magic gds to layout for the sram macro it got stuck and hanged the system. the place where exactly system stuck happening is .............................. Diagnostic: Sorting files with /home/chanakya/mani/OpenLane-0.15/pdks/open_pdks/common/ Completed installation of vendor files. Migrating GDS files to layout. Getting GDS file list from /home/chanakya/mani/OpenLane-0.15/pdks/open_pdks/sky130/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_sram_macros/gds. Creating magic generation script to generate magic database files. Running magic to create magic database files. ....... I am using ubuntu 20.04 kindly help me to solve and recommend me the way to successfully install the openlane. Thank you
By default SRAM is not generated, so I guess you are not exactly following instructions somehow.
Thank you for the reply Mr.Matt Venn, Yes, I may be missing something... I have exactly followed the procedure in the following link but still I am facing the issue. I have already done the same with the read me in the old link earlier that was working fine but now from the new link. I could not make it. For your kind information I have followed Mr.Gary Huang procedure in the following link also..


VLSI SoC EDA openLANE with Skywater 130 PDK, Gary Huang

) Still got the same error... Could you please share me the link which you followed to install openlane and caravel..? Thank you
They are from caravel user project
Thank you for the effort and kindness.I will follow the guidelines you have shared.