I was just getting my hands dirty on a small desig...
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I was just getting my hands dirty on a small design with OpenLANE. Just copy-pasted a basic mux design in verilog:
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module m21(Y, D0, D1, S) 
  output Y;
  input D0, D1, S;
  wire T1, T2, Sbar;
  and (T1, D1, S), (T2, D0, Sbar);
  not (Sbar, S);
  or (Y, T1, T2);
and used the
file generated from
flag. I am getting an error related to the number of voltage sources being 0. I have attached a screenshot for the reference.
probably because the power grid is too small to be effective
take a look at the inverter example design (also tiny)
that sets an absolute die size
also, best place for this question would be #openlane
Okay thanks!
Also, does the Verilog define the power pins? You need to add conditional pins like this: `ifdef USE_POWER_PINS inout vdda1, // User area 1 3.3V supply inout vdda2, // User area 2 3.3V supply inout vssa1, // User area 1 analog ground inout vssa2, // User area 2 analog ground inout vccd1, // User area 1 1.8V supply inout vccd2, // User area 2 1.8v supply inout vssd1, // User area 1 digital ground inout vssd2, // User area 2 digital ground `endif
I think that's optional isn't it? default power ports will be added if none exist
Ah, I didn't know that since it is in the user_proj_example.v
very few of the openlane examples use it
No I don't have this in my small mux design since it is not intended to be integrated inside caravel
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set ::env(FP_SIZING) "relative"                                                                                                                                 
set ::env(FP_CORE_UTIL) "10" 
set ::env(PL_TARGET_DENSITY) "0.80"
Try adding these to config.tcl
This FAQ entry may be helpful too: https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenLane/wiki#how-to-add-a-small-design (last paragraph briefly addresses PDN issues)
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@Preet Batavia after setting the FP_CORE_UTIL as above the design progressed further. However, now I am getting LVS errors. Seemingly there are mismatches related to decap cells. I have attached the log file for reference.