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@User @User @User @User I'm currently working with a couple of interns at my end to build an analog environment on docker that would be similar to openlane philosophy allowing designers to do something like: make <design_name>_xschem and opens xschem for them. All tools in that environment would be appropriately linked and correctly versioned. make <design_name>_klayout. Opens klayout for editing the GDS and may be loading LVS based netlist. make <design_name>_drc run magic DRC on it. So on, so forth. I'm looking for ideas and contribution.
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@Amro Tork Great idea! You might want to look at the caravel
. It has
make lvs-<design_name>
make lvs-gds-<design_name>
, and
make drc-<design_name>
@Mitch Bailey Definitely. Will take a look at that.