# sky130

Caminho Perfeição

01/28/2022, 10:06 PM
Hi! Is there any "VM image" (VMwave, virtualbox, qemu) with the VLSI tools installed (OpenROAD, OpenPDK, SkyWater, magic, netgen, qflow, and others)?
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Ryan Wans

01/29/2022, 8:25 PM > tools > open galaxy

Troy Benjegerdes

01/29/2022, 10:17 PM
As a shareholder in efabless, I would like to see docker/podman/OCI images posted/updated on a regular basis so we can run tools locally. I would also pay for a subscription to get the latest standards-compliant container image that has the most recent bugfixes. This would be a major market opportunity for efabless to exploit.
Open galaxy is cool, but it's yet another cloud system that stops working if my internet goes down

Murat Eskiyerli

02/12/2022, 8:51 AM
I created an EDA flow I called Revolution EDA as a docker container. It does also include a few most used Sky130 devices with full callbacks for geometry dependent parameters and layout parametric cells. The simulation GUI is point and click with Xyce. You could find more information at Docker container image is in Docker hub.

Faisal Mateen

09/25/2022, 1:07 PM
Hi @Murat Eskiyerli, Thanks for sharing the Revolution EDA tool link. Do I require purchasing a license for this tool to work with sky 130nm?

Matt Liberty

09/25/2022, 1:47 PM
@Tom Spyrou FYI on a subscription model

Faisal Mateen

09/25/2022, 1:51 PM
I see. how can i try out a eval version of Revolution EDA with sky 130 prior to purchasing a subscription? @Murat Eskiyerli, @Matt Liberty

Amro Tork

09/26/2022, 6:34 AM
@Troy Benjegerdes @Murat Eskiyerli @Faisal Mateen @Matt Liberty @Tom Spyrou We will open source our full tool suite design flow soon for everyone. It has everything you need complete a full custom design.
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Murat Eskiyerli

09/26/2022, 4:44 PM
It is not subscription model. In fact, there was never a price announced. It was released as a preview release to understand the interest. It was based on Glade, Xyce and simulation GUI created in-house. If you are interested, we could create a time-limited but free release so that you can test.
@Faisal Mateen it does not cover all Sky130 devices and does not have DRC/LVS rules for Sky130, but it does have parametric layout cells.

Faisal Mateen

09/26/2022, 6:35 PM
Thanks @Murat Eskiyerli for responding. Yes, I'm interested in evaluating a time-limited version. My main interest is in front-end part for now i.e. schematic capture, spice simulations, plots, back-annotation of device parameters e.g. gm on transistor schematics. Which Sky130 devices does the tool currently cover?

Murat Eskiyerli

09/28/2022, 6:51 AM
Hello @Faisal Mateen, I am sending you a private message.