While importing reram layout in magic only metal...
# sky130
While importing reram layout in magic only metal1, metal2 and via are found available. are BE and TE terminals metal1 and metal 2 respectively? Also I get a distorted view of reram cell layout with labels of the terminals overlapped (thick blue area). How can I remove it? Also how will I create a copy of a cell in magic? any help.
Make sure you are using the technology file for
, which is the process variant that supports ReRAM.
When you say "copy a cell", do you mean copy an instance of the cell? If you want to do that, select the cell ("i" key, or "s" key over an area of space inside the cell), move the cursor to where you want the new instance, and then type "c" for "copy".
For the "thick blue area" comment: Please post the layout or show a screenshot so I can understand what you mean.
where to get sky130B tech file? Could you please provide the link? I will attach the layout of rerem I have obtained using sky130A.
Both PDKs come from the open_pdks installation. Only open_pdks from version 1.0.269 has both variants.