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# sky130
@User if open_pdks is installed into a place xschem can not find (not in your home directory,. not in /usr/local) you must set a PDK_ROOT variable:
export PDK_ROOT=.....
before launching xschem. If you look the bottom of your xschemrc you see:
set SKYWATER_MODELS ${PDK_ROOT}/${PDK}/libs.tech/ngspice
PDK_ROOT is the root directory of the open_pdks installation,
usually is just
. Whatever value you set for
the path
must exist on your system, to test just do:
ls ${PDK_ROOT}/sky130A/libs.tech/ngspice
If the directory is not found don't even try to start xschem, it will not find the open_pdks installation.
Okay I will do this as well! Thanks Stefan