I get this warning : ./configure no such file or d...
# sky130
I get this warning : ./configure no such file or directory, maybe there isn't that file?
instead of
It doesn't work
@User the INSTALL file documents the process. If you got ngspice from git the first step is to build configure itself. This is done by running autogen.sh
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$ ./autogen.sh 
 $ mkdir release
 $ cd release
 $ ../configure --with-x --enable-xspice --disable-debug --enable-cider --with-readline=yes --enable-openmp 
 $ make
 $ sudo make install
Hey I hope it is okay to suggest that here, but if you struggle to install and setup the tools on your machine (because it is kind of complicated and takes a lot of time) look at our Docker-Container that includes the PDK and lots of tools. Just download and run and everything is set up: https://github.com/hpretl/iic-osic-tools