Hello, I am working on an analog design which invo...
# sky130
Hello, I am working on an analog design which involves hexagonal shapes in metal5 layer and a glass-cut on top (Magic screenshot attached). I have two questions: 1. Would it be even possible to waive the foundry DRC requirement for 45 and 90 degree angles on m5 to create the hexagons? 2. I would like to create an opening in the passivation to expose m5 using the glass layer, which I had to unlock. Are there any DRC rules associated with the glass layer?
Screenshot of a possible design. The thickness of the outer m5 hexagonal ring is larger than the >1.6um requirement.
@User: Unfortunately the 45 degree angle check is part of SkyWater's "manufacturing rules" deck and violating it will cause the layout to be rejected by the foundry. You can "stair-step" the edges with 45 degree and straight edges, and that should be sufficient. You can put glass cut over your metal5, but that will only work on ChipIgnite runs, not OpenMPW runs, because the OpenMPW runs will get coated with additional layers of insulation when the bump bonds are added.
Okay, thank you